Abizo Leather Necklace


Boho Gal jewelry brings you love from around the globe, with unique hand crafted pieces. The details show textures of the natural world with a modern edge.

The inspiration behind this awesome piece was a dream catcher. The pendant is a brass crescent, in Native American history a crescent is also known as a "Naja". For many centuries, before the development of beads, naja (and crosses) were worn as a pendants suspended from a cord. According to the Navajo, the symbol of the Naja is decorative, and serves no purpose either as a spiritual symbol or as a specific symbol. Yet, the Naja is held in very high esteem by the Navajo as well as other peoples.

- Brass tubes and African trade brass beads
- Six Deer skin leather tassels
- Adjustable leather cord
- Length: 34 inches

Handmade in Atlanta, Ga.